Why Real estate is Best investment in Nepal?

Nepal a developing nation forcefully engaged in the long political imbalance has making itself grow in every sector day by day. From long Rana regime to the Shah dynasty ruling over decades has made many politically and economically changes which as in the turtle move before the Republican was announced in Nepal. Nepal is always the spoon of sweats in the world which all the big nations are ready to taste anytime. The lands of Nepal are spiritual and are fulfilled with massive natural resources which are surely attractable for all the power houses.

Talking about land reforming or the hands of people in own land was possible after Late Kind Mahendra amended the act about reformation of lands in 1964. After that Nepali citizens were handed full of papers of their lands which was conducted for the welfare of people in the country. Since then the trading business of lands and other properties were officially was under the government who charges plenty of amount from taxes.

We should admire that these land today people are claiming and fighting for own shake was actually the government lands before. Till date millions of transactions have been completed between the holders for doing trade in real estates in Nepal. The investments of people in real estate have been massive and many projects (residential and commercial) have been successfully built over these decades.

The rates of lands all over the country has raise higher and higher every year since it was made public. The lands which value was in hundreds are now more than millions. As the development and educated people increased in the society the dreams for many people is houses or lands which is assumed as the symbol of prosperity. Today more than 8 millions of people are working as foreign employer in different countries from Nepal, which more than 80% people are there to make their dream house. As more people are collecting more money for good real estate properties in Nepal, the prices are raised day to day.

Talking about today, the land price which was 10 years before is now triple or more than double in the date. This ratio or price will be raised more in coming future. It is assumed that normal land in which a 2 storey house can be built will be priced more than 200 million in coming decade. Many people’s today in cities of Nepal are prosperous due to their lands which their forefather maintained for them. Due to those lands many people are living happier life as some plots they sale from their total lands has made them millionaires. The right investment in right properties is what people are willing to do day by day. The financial institution has also helped lot of people due to good valuation and overdraft facilities they provide to maintain the right property value for increasing economy.

In a nut shell, we can assume that the investment in real estate is one of the profitable things that every people wants and must do in Nepal for better growth of them too.

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